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Protect Your Equipment this Season

With Summer in full swing, prepare your equipment for the heat and avoid unnecessary strain and damage with these tips:

  1. Keep equipment out of direct sunlight – Prolong the life of your machine and attachments by limiting the amount of time they are sitting under the sun. When your attachments are not in use, store them away in cool, dry storage areas. If your jobsite has no shade, throw over a tarp to protect the equipment from the elements and dry weather.
  1. Avoid using equipment during peak hours of sunlight – While not always feasible for some projects, try to avoid operating equipment during hours when the sun is highest in the sky and temperatures are at peak levels. Equipment is most likely to overheat and suffer damage when exposed to high external heat. This tip is especially important for jobsite workers as they are at the greatest greatest risk of sun damage to the skin and to heat stroke during this time.
  1. Utilize Sleep Mode or Shut Off Equipment – Allow your equipment to cool down by switching to “sleep mode” or completely shutting it down when not in use. This should be done during work hours but also after hours to avoid overheating and to save on energy costs.
  1. Inspect your machine to keep it up and running in the heat – Doing a seasonal check of your equipment will ensure your equipment stays up and running during the hot summer months. Eliminate unscheduled downtime and consider a planned maintenance program to take the guesswork away from planned servicing and monitoring, and make to sure your equipment is prepared for every season.

Speak to a Westerra Equipment representative to help you prepare your equipment for the Summer.