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Doosan’s Tier 4 Technology – Standing Apart in the Industry

While the Doosan name is fairly new in North America, the company has been operating for 118 years. They are the 5th largest manufacturer of heavy equipment in the world with more than 43,000 employees in 38 countries.  From its beginnings in 1896, Doosan has transformed itself from a consumer goods company to a large multi-national company that provides engineering and construction technology solutions. They have large divisions specializing in power generation, seawater desalination, construction engineering, heavy machinery and construction equipment, energy, and national defence. In 2007 they acquired Bobcat and have quickly established a reputation for providing reliability and delivering savings. Doosan machines offer a number of major price advantages.

One of the big price advantages Doosan provides is through its unique Tier 4 engine design. A big area of change in the heavy equipment industry today is the introduction of new engine regulations called Tier 4. In 2012, the Canadian government passed legislation that introduced stricter standards for emissions reductions (Tier4 engines) and all road diesel engines will be forced to meet these standards by 2018. Doosan has set themselves apart from the competition by designing Tier 4 engines that meet the mandatory standards while giving operators considerable savings over their competitors. Many manufacturers have developed a technology aimed at achieving these new emissions standards, but Doosan has developed Tier 4 technology that offers consumers specific cost-saving advantages

How does Doosan Tier 4 technology save operators money?

  1. Achieves reduction with only Diesel Exhaust Fluids (DEF) which eliminates the need for filters.
  2.  No filters to clean or replace means less maintenance and less downtime.
  3. Fewer maintenance needs mean more time can be spent working.
  4.  No filters or associated parts keep the engine weight down, use less fuel, and reduces operating costs.

Doosan offers a number of industry-leading excavators, wheel loaders and articulated dump trucks that are Tier 4 compliant and more cost-effective than their competitors. Book a demo to learn more about how Doosan’s Tier 4 equipment can help you save.

While other manufacturers meet the Tier 4 standards, Doosan has done it better by achieving the same results with less hardware and less maintenance for the operator. This creates on-going cost savings and contributes to the operator’s profits.

Like Doosan, Westerra Equipment is committed to delivering positive results and value for our customers. At the core of our G.R.I.T. philosophy is the determination to provide our customers with consistent, exceptional service and offer a range of products that will help our customers improve their bottom line.