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Bobcat Introduces New Depth Control for 3 to 5.5- ton Excavators

MX Depth Check System

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MX depth check will help operators dig quicker, with less effort and greater precision.  The system has a bench beside trench, to achieve minimum cover, it can “bench” on known grade to sustain a grade or it can “bench” on laser signal to create slope, or to sustain a grade on multiple locations on a job site.

Features & Benefits:
• Minimize the need for jumping in & out of trench to check grade with grade stick
• Grade check system that enables consistent grade, depth, or slope
   –System Accuracy: +/- 0.5”
• System sensors (3) collaborate with machine controller & Deluxe panel, to track precise location of bucket tooth
• Compatible with E32i thru E55, SA & LA
   –NOT compatible with Extendable arm
• “Wired” system
   –Minimal lag time in response
   –No concern for batteries in sensors
• Laser compatibility
• Deluxe screen provides for:
   – Initial calibration of system
   – User preferences
       (in, ft, mm, M)
       Warning zone / grade zone
   – Frequently used attachments
   – Depth targets
   – Active digging screens
• Audible alert (can turn on/off)
   – Slow beep as you approach depth target
   – Solid tone, at target
   – Fast beep if beyond target
Part Numbers: Four kits to cover E32i thru E55
7246892 – Long arm models with Angle Blade
7246893 – Long arm models with fixed blade
7246894 – Standard arm models with Angle Blade
7246895 – Standard arm models with fixed blade
7240592 – Deluxe Panel Requirement