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5 Tips on Purchasing Used Equipment

1. Who’s selling?

  • Buy equipment from a trustworthy seller or company
  • If you’re not familiar with the seller, research his background/ references

2. What’s the machine’s background?

  • Run the serial number with an authorized dealer to check if the machine is stolen
  • Check for liens or other liabilities against the machine

3. How do you want to pay?

  • In case you want to finance the machine, have everything ready

4. How to inspect the machine?

  • Does the condition of the unit match the hours?
  • Check the fluids to see if the machine has been treated well. Are the filters marked?
  • Start the machine. Does it start right away? Does it smoke?
  • Run the machine and test all functions. How much play does the workgroup have?
  • Park the machine and check the engine and hydraulic circuits again for leaks.
  • Important for the price: What is the condition of the wear items? Tires? Tracks? Sprockets? Etc.
  • What documents are available? Service record? Inspection results? ICBC Registration?

5. What else to keep in mind?

  • Have proper documentation about the purchase (invoice, receipts, registration, etc.)
  • How are you going to transport the machine?
  • Do you want additional warranty on the machine?

Reach out to David, our Used Equipment Manager at [email protected], for any questions or advice!

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